You must create a user account as a Business Owner or Business Representative for a business in the Vendor Information Pages (VIP) prior to registering a business in VIP. You can register your business and submit your application for SDVOSB/VOSB verification in VIP after you logon to your account.



Effective 22 June 2018,  VIP has changed to Please update your bookmarks to reflect the new address. Small Business Owners and Representatives will need to access the new site to submit for Verification. 

Contracting and Procurement Officials please bookmark the new website to conduct searches of VIP.


Process Overview

  • CVE Welcome Call
    Click Next button to initiate registration processs and receive CVE welcome call.
  • Start Registration Process
    You will enter business owner information, Veteran status, and ownership percentages.
  • Business owner(s) VA Form 0877 electronic signature(s)
    Business owners will be notified via email that the ownership (VA Form 0877) forms are ready to be reviewed and electronically signed.
  • Edit business information
    You will enter business information, upload required documents (View required documents), and submit your application for verification.
  • Submitted for verification
    The Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) will review your application to determine whether any required documents or clarifying information is needed.
  • Request for Follow-up Documentation
    If required documents or clarifying information is needed, CVE will contact you with further instructions.
  • Assessment
    CVE will perform a legal review of your complete application to determine whether your business satisfies all of the Verification Program eligibility criteria.
  • Complete
    Your application has been processed and you have been notified of the final outcome.